# Co-Chief Scientist, Expedition ANT374 [R/V ThomasG. Thompson] Dec'19 –Jan'20 - *Objective* – Collecting seafloor magnetic, gravity and multibeam bathymetry data to decipher the complex tectonic evolution of Walvis Ridge oceanic plateau offshore Namibia in South Atlantic. - *Role* – Training cruise participants on processing of magnetic, gravity, and bathymetry data; Working closely with the Chief Scientist to troubleshoot survey issues and to revise the survey plan accordingly. # Co-Chief Scientist, Expedition ANT373 [R/V ThomasG. Thompson] Nov'19 – Dec'19 - *Objective* – Acquiring multi-channel seismic profiles over Walvis Ridge oceanic plateau to perform a complete site characterization of drill sites chosen for IODP Expedition 391, which will focus on understanding the geodynamic significance and origin of Walvis Ridge. - *Role* – Worked with Chief Scientist to develop a survey plan in accordance with the research objectives; Mentored 7 graduate and 2 undergraduate students and delegated their roles and responsibilities; Collaborated with the Chief Scientist, Marine technicians and the Captain to ensure cruise objectives are timely met. # Scientist, Expedition NBP1808 [R/VNathaniel Palmer] Oct'18 – Dec'18 - *Objective* – Understanding the tectonic evolution of Rio Grande Rise oceanic plateau in South Atlantic by dredging the plateau and surrounding seamounts, mapping using multibeam bathymetry, and collecting magnetic data to identify seafloor anomalies. - *Role* – Processed magnetic, gravity and multibeam data; Helped in cutting dredged rocks and prepared samples for geochemical analysis and radioactive dating. # Scientist, Bolivar Roads Survey, Galveston [R/V Scott Petty (pre), R/V Trident (post)] Aug'17 – Nov'17 - *Objective* – Studying extreme storm sedimentation patterns and morphological changes that occurred in Bolivar Roads tidal inlet due to Hurricane Harvey using side-scan, swath bathymetry and sub-bottom profiler data collected before and after the hurricane. - *Role* – Designed the entire survey; Managed the navigation software and operated Edgetech 4600 sonar and Edgetech 3100 chirp systems; Mentored and trained 2 graduate students in processing of the acquired data. # Scientist, Expedition FK151005 [R/V Falkor] Oct'15 – Nov'15 - *Objective* – Understanding the tectonic origin of Tamu Massif,the world’slargestsingle volcano in Pacific deep waters, by using multibeam sonar systems and marine magnetometers. - *Role* – Responsible for monitoring and surveillance of data acquisition; Helped with processing of multibeam data; Compiled cruise data in MGD77T format.